It’s estimated that 1 out of 100 people are psychopaths so, the chances of you encountering one are not too great. Psychopaths are not so easy to spot. They’re quite good at hiding their true self. While there’s some semblance of truth to the portrayal of psychopaths in Hollywood movies, it’s quite different in real life. They don’t look like deranged killers and monsters. Many of them are successful in their chosen profession. Millions of psychopaths don’t actually end up being serial killers. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be mentally and physically harmful to others. 

If someone close to you is acting suspiciously, here are some signs that could determine if that person is a psychopath and you can encourage that person to take a test through sites like Psychopath Test. 

1. Pathological lying.

Psychopaths will do whatever it takes to get to their objective or goal, and if that means lying through their teeth, they will. They will cheat and lie for their own benefit. When they’re caught, they’ll offer so many “logical” excuses and put the blame on someone else. They’ll also play the victim in order to get your sympathy. When they say they love someone, this is also a lie because psychopaths are not capable of such emotions. 

2. Excessively charming and always willing to please. 

When psychopaths choose a target, they do everything in their power to make that person like them. They become someone you need until you become enamoured of them. They’ll resort to flattery, make up stories to put themselves in a good light, and give you attention that no one else has ever done. All this will make you want to be with them because they know exactly what to say, give you compliments and always flatter you. It’s not easy to walk away from them.The reason why they’re good at manipulating you is because they study your behaviour and learn what makes you tick. They use all that knowledge to make you trust them and eventually control you.  

3. Disregard of the law and feel no remorse.

Psychopaths think that the law doesn’t apply to them. When they do something wrong, they feel no remorse. They’re never sorry for what they do because they always think that they’re right and other people are wrong even if it’s the government. They have no conscience so psychopaths who turn into serial killers, for example, think that they’re justified in what they do. They don’t care if someone gets hurt as long as they get what they want.Psychopaths lack empathy so when something bad happens to a member of their family or any of their friends, they’re not distressed. This should be a red flag for you. It’s easy to spot this because, for example, someone who is supposedly close to them dies or become very ill, you will see no reaction until they’re prompted to react. They put on an act and you should see that it’s not genuine. 

4. Displays rage for no obvious reason.

While psychopaths don’t display emotions such as love and there’s a lack of empathy, they can, on the other hand, display rage. When their dominance is threatened or they lose control of a situation they have set up, it makes them very angry and they become threatening. They would teach the person who threatened their dominance a lesson by displaying their rage. They could become quite violent. However, psychopaths can become very calm just seconds after that display of rage. They would act as if nothing happened and go on with their day. This behaviour is disturbing and you should also consider it a red flag. 


Spotting a psychopath is not that easy especially when you don’t interact with them often or you have no idea what goes on in their everyday life. However, if you’re about to enter a relationship and some things don’t seem right, but you can’t put your finger on what exactly it is, you should observe if you see some of these behaviours. Be careful of your interactions and get professional help should the person in question be close to you.