There is a market for yoga lessons because it is proven to be effective in healing ailments and reducing the consequences that come with modern living such as stress, depression, and fatigue. If you want to be a yoga instructor, you will find that you will get many students and followers because people want to practice yoga not just for exercise but to have a meditative and soul centering experience. 

Bali is one of the best places for training because its culture and civilization have a rich history of yoga practice, and there are many qualified teachers in the area. Bali is an exception to the rest of Indonesia because the population is mainly Hindu; therefore, yoga has flourished in this part of the Indonesian country.  

Bali is also the perfect spot for yoga training because it is a lush tropical paradise that allows you communion with nature. It also offers a slower pace in life that will help you connect with your inner spirit.  

The following are just some benefits of yoga teacher training in Bali 

1. You can get quality accommodations in Bali 

India is the land where yoga originated, but many yoga instructors come to Bali because accommodations are better. Getting your training in India means going for more basic accommodations. If you want something better and luxurious in India, you will have to pay an extra price. 

If you are going to train for yoga, you have to keep your focus, and that means you need good room quality, which includes bedding comfort, heat, and air. Excellent accommodations will help you concentrate fully on your learning and practicing yoga.  

One Bali yoga retreat advice is to get accommodations in the area of Ubud because it is the hotspot for yoga in Bali. Places to stay can be as affordable as $300 per month. 

2. Lectures are made simple 

Certain terminologies in yoga may sound complicated, and the philosophy may be hard to understand. However, instruction in Bali keeps it simple. The interpretation of yoga is made easy to understand by instructors. You will learn the rudiments, and some classes impart knowledge about chakra alignment and mediation work.  

How to get your yoga teacher training certification in Bali is getting a thorough understanding of the philosophy of yoga, with bodywork and learning the philosophical lessons. 

3. The price of airfare is affordable 

If you are a yoga instructor, you may have to go to your institute several times to get further training and to get updated with the latest techniques that will enhance your skills as a teacher. It is often more affordable for people to go to Bali rather than India.  

Bali is a hotspot for tourists and not just for yoga enthusiasts, so there are always bargains and competitive pricing for tickets. Good deals are always readily available, and you can get them any time of the year. 

4. Bali is safe for tourists 

People in the western world who come for yoga teacher training are still mostly women, and Bali is perfectly safe for them. Women can travel alone in Bali because the crime rate is low, and people are gentle and peace-loving. The people believe in karma and treat people kindly. You will feel well-received, and locals will always greet you with a smile. 

If you’re still doubting about traveling alone, then you can bring crystals that can protect you during your travel.

5. Bali offers healthy food 

If you are going to stay in a place for a long time, you should consider the type of food you will be getting. Bali has healthy and high-quality food. They have world-class standards since they serve tourists as well.  

There is food for all dietary requirements, and it’s even a better place to be in if you are vegan. The food is perfect for practicing yogis since they offer gluten-free and raw food dishes. 

These kinds of food aren’t special dishes but are staple in Bali and Ubud. There are also all kinds of cultural cuisines that will suit every taste. Ubud is a foodie paradise, and restaurants in Ubud have gained worldwide fame. If you are going to be a yoga teacher in Bali, you will have the chance to taste its world-class gastronomic offerings. 

6. Transportation in Bali 

Bali is a province composed of small villages, which means that it will be very easy to get around Bali. During your stay for yoga training, you will have to move around from place to place for sightseeing and to get your essentials.  

In Bali, you need less travel time, thus saving you time and energy because everything is close to one another. The entire island can be traveled within half a day. If you have some time off during your training, you can enjoy the nature and scenic offerings of Bali without having to travel far. 

Final Thoughts 

Bali is a spiritual place that can enhance your learning of yoga. The quaint villages of Bali are also picturesque, and they are endowed with scenic waterfalls and bodies of water, which you can enjoy during your stay.  

The people are friendly and practice their religion of Hindu in a heartfelt manner. Bali is a gentle place that will teach you a lot, and you will come away, inspired, and enlightened to spread the lessons of yoga.