Every woman knows the importance of keeping their vagina healthy and clean. Many will have experienced some form of vaginal problem during their lifetime, causing all kinds of discomfort and embarrassment.  

It’s so important to care for your private parts as it’s easy for infections and irritations to occur. This sensitive area of your body is susceptible to bacterial imbalances which can quickly develop into far worse problems if left untreated. 

Issues including bacterial vaginosis is an anaerobic infection due to an imbalance of vaginal bacteria, yeast infections and urinary tract infections are inevitable if you don’t take good care of your private area. 

Thankfully, there are many helpful tips women can follow to keep the vagina in tip-top condition and stave off any unwanted problems. Below are our 7 top tips to help you keep your private parts healthy. 

1. Change Your Feminine Products Often

While tampons and menstruation pads are crucial in maintaining good genital hygiene, they can in fact do the exact opposite if you aren’t changing them frequently. This is partly because the pH level of blood is much higher than your good vaginal bacteria, leading to an imbalance in vaginal flora which will increase the risk of infection. You should look to change to your pads/tampons every 4-6 hours to maximize genital hygiene. Pads and tampons left too long can also stifle the air circulation in your private region which will only increase bacteria and yeast growth. 

2. Avoid Irritant Products 

Many feminine products in the modern day come with perfumed scents, and the same goes for laundry detergents and soaps. While they may be very pleasing to the nose, these products contain many irritating chemicals which can harm your vaginal health. Irritated skin is at an increased risk of developing rashes and infections, so try to keep your products as natural as possible.  

3. Choose A Feminine Supplement 

You may maintain perfect vaginal hygiene yet still experience discomfort or infection. This can often be down to an imbalance of good and bad vaginal bacteria without any external cause. Find a supplement designed specially for your vaginal health to encourage a healthy balance of genital flora. Many companies provide clinically-tested products containing healthy ingredients to maximize vaginal wellness. Others even don’t consist side effects, which can maintain your overall health.

 4. Avoid Tight Clothes 

Wearing uber-tight clothing, underwear especially, is not good for your vaginal health as your private parts need to breathe. Tight clothing will increase sweating and lead to excessive moisture, the ideal environment for bacteria and yeast to flourish. With sufficient circulation, you can prevent sweat and moisture kicking your vaginal health out of balance. Many modern underwear, although very visually pleasing, are often tight and made from synthetic materials which causes further irritation. Try to stick to cotton underwear that fits loose to allow your vagina to breathe. 

5.Don’t Overwash 

Although it might sound counterintuitive, washing your vagina too much will in fact work against you. This is because it washes away the good, natural bacteria of your vagina which works to regulate your genital flora. Many also wash their private parts with powerful scented soaps which can aggravate the skin and cause even more problems. Douching is also to be avoided as this works to flush out a lot of the good bacteria in the interior of your vagina. When you do wash, make sure you do it lightly and only clean the exterior. 

6. Visit Your Gynecologist 

Even the most diligent of women can develop vaginal problems, so you should be looking to visit your gynecologist annually just to keep on top of any potential problems. Even if you are asymptomatic, it’s a good idea to speak with a healthcare professional and get examined on a regular basis to stop any developing problems in their tracks. This is also the ideal time to pick up on any further health tips that an expert can provide. 

7. Clean After Intercourse 

During sexual intercourse, your vagina is intermingling with the genital flora of another person which can upset the tender balance. If you’re using a condom, the lubricant or latex material can also irritate the skin and potentially cause problems. This is why it’s crucial to clean your vagina as soon as possible after intercourse. Urinary tract infections are a particular risk and can cause discomfort for weeks. 


Maintaining a healthy vaginal care routine is something all women need to do, even if you’ve never had any problems down there before. A healthy vagina isn’t just about your care regimen however; it’s also heavily dependent on maintaining a balanced genital flora. Keep your diet healthy and consider taking tailor-made vaginal supplements to keep your private parts in impeccable health.