When you wish to take better care of your overall health, a part of this also includes taking good care of your dental health. Albeit only a minor detail in your body, the whole state of your dental health can also have an impact on your overall well-being. In living a healthier lifestyle, one of the changes now also has a lot to do with choosing a more natural and holistic approach to healthcare. This means being in the care of doctors who go for other treatment and medical options, rather than being over-reliant on over-the-counter and synthetic medicines. 

In terms of your dental health, you don’t have to fall far behind, too. There are still many ways for you to start on a holistic and natural journey, with the help of dentists that provide this option. Dentists all over the world from Melbourne in Australia to Oregon in the USA are also turning to holistic procedures. Beyond just staying away from chemicals per se, a holistic dentist offers a whole array of other benefits for your body. This article presents you with these benefits.

1. They Take Care Of Your Overall Well-Being, Too

Holistic dentists are of the view that your oral health is a puzzle of the bigger picture, which is your body’s overall health. In taking care of your teeth, therefore, they also take the approach of encouraging you to take better care of your overall health and well being as well. 

For example, your dentist may recommend solutions like the following: 

  • Meditating during your free time to take care not just of your teeth but also of your overall health 
  • Massaging your head or your body during your time in the dental chair 
  • Eating kale, spinach, potatoes or other vegetables that are proven to improve dental health 
  • Suggesting probiotic intake daily

Holistic dentists, also known as biological or integrative dentists, take care of you beyond just what the dental chair can offer. 

2. They Use Very Little To No Fluoride At All

You may have heard by now that fluoride can be harmful to the body when taken in regularly and in large quantities. Especially for those of you that have young children, this is a significant advantage. It can be challenging to keep your kids off of fluoride when most other dentists believe that fluoride treatments are necessary for children, as they’re more exposed to sugars. 

With holistic dentists, they provide another approach. They don’t believe that fluoride has the power to do much for cavity protection. Hence, in their procedures, they aren’t over-reliant on the use of fluoride. Holistic dentists believe that putting fluoride in your mouth regularly may allow for its absorption into the bloodstream through the mouth lining. This can accumulate other health problems in the future. So, for something as small as preventing cavities, holistic dentists go for other options instead that are less toxic.

3. They Use Safe Materials

Apart from the fluoride itself, holistic dentists also make it a point to stay away from materials, ingredients, and equipment that aren’t considered safe for the environment, the dentist themselves, and, most importantly, the patient. Today, conventional dentistry is very mechanical. By this, it means that there’s so much pressure on such a small part of the mouth by having equipment here and there and other ingredients that are also toxic to swallow. 

But, it doesn’t always have to feel that way. Holistic dentists are very careful, as they always remind themselves that what goes inside your mouth goes to your body, too. Hence, they’re strictly committed to using materials that are safe, durable, non-toxic, and are bio-compatible. For example, these dentists don’t use mercury or metal amalgams. For fillings, they choose dental implants that are made of zirconia instead.

4. They Practice Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Minimally invasive dentistry lies at the forefront of the strategies and dental procedures done by holistic dentists. By this, it means that the methods are more friendly to the mouth. You don’t have to be terrified of the idea of drillings and holes by equipment that sounds and looks intimidating. 

Rather than using fillings or drillings, holistic dentists go for other friendlier techniques instead. These alternative techniques include ozone therapy, for example. That way, this eliminates the need for too much invasive therapy.

5. They Offer Bio-Compatibility Testing

No two patients are the same. Some have allergies to certain dental materials, while others don’t. For conventional dentists, testing is rarely done. The same kind of treatment is given across patients who are suffering the same or similar symptoms. This means that a patient as far as Melbourne in Australia will receive the exact same treatment as one in Manila in the Philippines or London in the UK, for as long as they have the same symptoms. This is without regard to their possible differences in biological makeup such as inherent sensitivities, for example. 

With holistic dentists, this isn’t the case. These dentists first perform what’s known as biocompatibility testing, usually through a blood test or muscle testing. This procedure is done to determine better what filling material best suits the individual biology of your body. 

Through this testing, there’s a lesser chance of your body reacting adversely to certain chemicals, for instance. Patients are also educated on the kind of material used, such that patients have a more informed choice as to the procedures that they decide to go through.

6. They Consider Diet And Other Treatment Options

Not all dental problems need to be treated with invasive procedures. For instance, those as simple as bad breath may not need treatment procedures that are too harsh. There may be those that holistic dentists see as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. This fact stems from the totality of holistic dentistry, whereby they consider how one end of the human body affects the entire whole. 

For example, if your dental problems such as cavities are recurring, it may be because of an unhealthy lifestyle that you’re living. This includes encouraging you to start with changing your diet to get rid of the following: 

  • Sugary food 
  • Carbonated beverages 
  • Sticky or syrupy drinks 


Holistic dentists are also referred to as natural or environmental dentists. From the benefits enumerated above, it’s easy to see the reason why. These dentists recognize that despite being only a small part of your body, the teeth, and your oral care, in general, affects your oral health in so many more profound ways. As you’re now aware of these benefits, all that’s left for you to do is to decide on making this change to calling for a holistic dentist now.