Mother Nature has perfectly balanced everything. All the living and dead things dwell in it together, in perfect harmony and it plays a significant role in the circle of life. The balance in nature is unparalleled, meaning that when any part of nature dies, like a plant or an animal, it continues contributing in the overall circle of life. The dead animals live on by feeding the soil, which further breathes life into other plants and animals.  

Water, earth, stone, air, metals, and crystals are all nature’s products that help in keeping and maintaining the balance of the nature. All of them can be used for various purposes. 

All living things have an immune system that works almost like a perfect “machine”. It has been innately programmed to fight off various viruses, bacteria, and illnesses.  However, advancement in technology and the busyness of the modern world have interfered with this natural healing processes. 

However, you can incorporate the elements of natural, like the crystals to facilitate in the ‘coming to nature’ and in turn, in the spiritual healing process. 

Scientists and spiritual enthusiasts keep discovering various features of the invaluable crystals. This has gained even more recognition in recent years. Alternative medicine and therapies based on crystals are becoming increasingly popular, and a lot of people praise the results they’ve gained from these treatments. It’s said that various crystals can help speed up and support natural healing processes and protect you from negative energy and stress.  

Here are some of the benefits you can gain from the crystals:

1. Meditation

Like everything in nature, mineralized fossils (crystals) play a vital role in the circle of life. Crystals from Consciousitems.comare not only for ornamental purposes but they also offer huge spiritual benefits.  

All crystalpossess a unique texture, size, color, shape, properties, and, most importantly – vibrations. All molecular structures (including a human body) resonate with a specific pitch and emit vibrations. Numerous crystals emit the same vibrations as human bodies, and because of that, they have compatible frequencies. Due to these compatible molecular compositions, crystals are used in alternative therapies to help you meditate. 

Meditation is the need of the hour. Since most people lead incredibly fast-paced lives in the modern worldtherefore relaxing their minds is crucial for their overall well-being. Obsidian, Turquoise, and Citrine are all crystals known to help with meditation, by clearing the mind and shielding it from emotional negativity. By doing so, people are able to release pent-up stress from their bodies and feel much lighterenergized and revitalized. 

2. Shields Against Negative Energy 

Empaths have the tendencies to absorb the negative energies from their environment, including the places and people around

 them. They may often feel drained and emotionally exhausted due to the empathic overburden. These people can get healing from the vast advantages of the healing crystals. 

Several crystals like Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, and Shungite are excellent choices for shielding your mind from the negative energy surrounding you. Owing to their molecular composition crystals, these can absorb all negative energy and let positive energy flow through your body. 

The vibrations from both Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz have incredible protective traits. It’s said that they deflect all negative energy. Therefore, they are excellent crystals for protecting yourself as well as your home against all the negative vibes. People tend to hang crystals on their front door to deflect all the negativity that might come toward their house. 

The 21st century brought some incredible things and a few not-so-good stuffs in our lives Electromagnetic frequencies emitted from cell phones or radiation from cell towers, computers, wi-fi, etc. have negatively impacted our body mechanisms and largely our routines as well. Many of us face sleeping disorders and disrupted emotions like irritability and frustration as the collateral damage of the electronic gadgets. It’s observed by spiritual enthusiasts that frequencies from Shungite crystal are excellent at counteracting EMFs, and similar adverse effects of radiations from your screens.

3. Supports the Healing Process 

Although there may not be any scientific explanation for crystals to heal and cure illnessesbut spiritual guides talk profoundly of the power and energies to support and speed up the healing process. As described earlier, crystals are known for absorbing negative energy and releasing the positive energy into your body. Most of these crystals help your body to relax, by shunning the negative thoughts, removing the toxicity from your body and inducing positive energy flow in each inch of your body and mind. The healing process is complicated, and it takes time, but in case you’re full of negative thoughts and generally feel stressed up, it may take much longer to heal. That’s where Clear Quartz can come handy. Thus, you can use this as a way to keep your heart healthy as well.

Clear Quartz is also known as “the crown of the head.” The seventh chakra stone is said to be the master healer. The attributes of this crystal are the amplification of positive thoughts and vibrations of all other crystals. Clear Quartz is one of the most sought for crystals since it affects the energies of all other crystals which will ultimately support the whole healing process of your mind, body and soul. 

Finding this crystal isn’t that easy since it has only been discovered in specific places around the world like in the Swiss Alps, Madagascar, Himalayas, Brazil, Peru, and the United States. 

4. Calms the Mind 

How many times did a severe headache ruin your day? Have you ever been drained out of energy from emotional vampires? When these things happen, the most common solution a common person come up is to grab a few ibuprofens and a glass of water or just leave the room. You may feel better in 15 minutes, but the consequences may persist.  

Stressing your mind at work or experiencing how someone drains the energy out of your body will happen again. Instant solutions aren’t solutions – they’re shortcuts. 

In this aspect as well, crystals can prove to be your best friend.  

Amethyst crystal is found in several different hues of purple. Additionally, Amethyst is known as the tranquil stone that has incredible calming effects on people. Some of its traits include boosting intuition and spiritual awareness while keeping your mind quiet and healthy. Pent-up stress is known to be one of the leading factors for headaches. Amethyst belongs to a group of crystals which is also used for support. Its frequency will influence your mind to fight off negative emotions and stress while filling your body with positive energy.

5. Clears the Energy 

Crystal therapies will undoubtedly help clear either energy flow within your body or energy in space surrounding you. Their positive vibrations will influence the flow of the life force in your body. Ancient civilizations like Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, and Greeks believed that life force flows through all living things. These civilizations used crystals as well as other energy techniques to diagnose and treat various illnesses. These great civilizations believed that diseases and weaknesses arise because of the unsteady flow of life force throughout the body. Ancient healers used crystals for clearing the energy from negative influences and helping it flow again.

There are still spiritual practices in the modern times where the spiritual guide instructs the wounded soul to find its center and come to its true calling. In this regard, crystals are regarded as a catalyst to clear the negative energy and impart the positive healing vibes in the mind, body and soul of the wounded. 

Final Thoughts 

Crystal therapies may not be scientifically proven yet, but there’s a lot of spiritual and natural evidence to prove it authenticity. The lack of proof doesn’t mean that something is untrue; it only means that the process of how it works is still unknown. You need to be a believer to experience the true healing tendencies of the crystals. Various crystals will help you relax your mind and body, while others can deflect negative energy that has been piling up for a long time. Crystals undoubtedly have some incredible properties that remain unknown to humanity. At some point, science will finally be able to crack the crystal code, and then, it’ll reap all the benefits that the crystals bring.