New iHHUB member: “WomenHeart”.

The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease was founded in 1999 by three women who had heart attacks while in their 40s and faced many obstacles, including misdiagnosis, inadequate treatment, and social isolation. These women did not know each other at the time of their heart attacks, but shared a common experience regarding the lack of available information or services for women with heart disease. Heart disease seemed to be invisible within the women’s health care community.

Today, WomenHeart is the nation’s only patient-centered advocacy organization serving the 42 million American women living with or at risk of heart disease. WomenHeart is a national network of women living with heart disease, aligned with a Scientific Advisory Council composed of the nation’s top cardiologists and experts in the field of women and heart disease. WomenHeart provides the “boots on the ground” in the fight against heart disease.

WomenHeart educates women on the importance of taking charge of their heart health,
supports women living with heart disease, and advocates for research funding and other policies that meet the needs of women with heart disease. Our volunteers lead in person Support Networks for women living with heart disease through local hospitals who are members of WomenHeart’s National Hospital Alliance partnership program. We also provide on line and telephone support, as well as community health education to women across the country.

WomenHeart is delighted to provide information, education, and resources on high quality, appropriate, and affordable sex-specific cardiovascular care for women. We are eager to share our expertise, materials and patient community to participate in the iHHub alliance.


Susan M. Campbell / Vice President


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