New iHHUB member: “Portuguese Foundation of Cardiology”.


Fundacao Portuguesa de Cardiologia was established in 1979, with the overall objective of health promotion and prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases, which are the main cause of death of the Portuguese population. We are a charity association of patients and healthcare professionals.

We strive for healthy hearts! Prevention is a way to combat this scourge and this is our mission: raise awareness of the adoption of healthy behaviours. Small day-to-day gestures can make the difference of a lifetime!

The choice for a healthy life does not depend on us but the individual. Our job is to raise awareness, managing to reach the greatest number of citizens. Through campaigns and varied actions, we warn of the importance and that it is imperative to make the right choice: to have a life filled with healthy habits!


Manuel Carrageta / President


Please CLICK HERE to visit website of the organization Portuguese Foundation of Cardiology