New iHHUB member: “Let The Beat Go On”

‘’Let the beat go on’’ coaches and supports people with heart diseases and heart failure. Let the beat go on offers courses in creative stress management and in mindfulness. Creative stress management training gives you more insight in the physical effects of stress; how your brains, body and heart (rhythm) respond and how you can use your emotional brakes.The training is based on the cognitive therapy of the US psychiatrist Aaron T. Beck. Often, patients experience ‘life events’ such as resurcitation, interventions and sometimes experiencing near death. Cognitive therapy states that it is not the experience itself that lead to our negative feelings but the glasses through which we look at things. As a patient with a heart disease you can get stuck in fear, grief and/or anger. Creative stress management training tries to view your own experience more objectively which leads to lower negativity. Dealing with your illness and limitations in a creative way leads to not only experiencing stress but recognizing it, accepting it and dealing with it. Let the beat go on can do both creative stress management and mindfulness in groups and individually, tailor made. Let the beat go on also offers services such as lectures and trainings to nurses, cardiologists and other professionals to deal with the psycho-social sides of heart failure and heart diseases.


Patricia Vlasman / Owner


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