New iHHUB member: “Her Heart”

Her Heart is a registered charity and not-for-profit that aims to work with women to raise awareness of heart disease and reduce heart disease in women in Australia by 50% in 2025. Her Heart is delivering programs and campaigns that underpin its four core key pillars:
1. Awareness: Raising awareness of the prevalence, risk factors and symptoms of heart disease in women
2. Education: Mounting important campaigns that will challenge the misconception that heart disease is a problem only for men
3. Prevention: Providing practical resources and support for women to reduce their risk, get better treatment and live well
4. Advocacy: create a national advocacy body for women and heart disease
Our Mission
That Her Heart becomes the go-to-place for Australian women to access the latest research findings, clinical information, health and lifestyle advice around heart disease for women
For women to feel empowered through knowledge and act on this information to change their lifestyle
To effectively contribute to life saving awareness about heart disease for women.


Linda Worrall-Carter

Founder & CEO


Please CLICK HERE to visit Her Heart´s website


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