New iHHUB member: “Heart Failure in Lebanon”


Heart Failure in Lebanon (HFLeb) is a non-profit organization that is planned to help support patients with Heart Failure in Lebanon. This organization has two branches that include: multidisciplinary healthcare professionals from various disciplines medicine, nursing, nutrition, and physical therapy and a patient led organization that is being developed to help raise public awareness on Heart Failure.

The multidisciplinary healthcare professionals’ branch aims at raising awareness on Heart Failure for both healthcare professionals and the public. We use interactive, educational methods to provide tips and tools for patients with Heart Failure, their families and caregivers. The aim is to promote Heart Failure care and improve quality of life through prevention, prompt diagnosis and treatment of Heart Failure.

The Patient Organization is currently being developed by a group of Heart Failure patients and a few caregivers. This branch has long supported the healthcare professionals’ branch but is now planned to function independently.


Angela Massouh / Hadi Skouri

Assistant Professor and Cardiology Clinical Nurse Specialist


Please CLICK HERE to visit website of the organization Heart Failure in Lebanon



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