Asociación de Enfermedades Cardiovasculares Corazón sin Fronteras

We are a non-profit association for the promotion and prevention of cardiovascular disease in Spain.

In Heart Without Borders we care for your heart. Trust our specialists, who are always willing to serve and work for your health. We offer:
– Nutritional talks/tips
– Cooking workshops
– Custom diets
– Anti-stress workshops and courses
– Self-help meetings
– Talks and psychological support

IN MOURNING : If you have experienced the loss of a family member suddenly from cardiovascular disease, we can help.

IN YOUR REHABILITATION : We work to turn your daily life around and make it easier for you and your family with personalised and group activities.

ON PREVENTION : Stress is a risk factor and we offer group therapy in Stress Management.

SELF-HELP : Sharing experiences with other people who have cardiovascular disease.

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