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The HeartLife Foundation is Canada’s first – and only – national patient-led heart failure organization. We are a Federal Not-for-Profit aimed at raising public awareness of heart failure, engaging patients, families, and caregivers to provide education and support, facilitate access to the latest research, innovations, and treatments, and advocate better care for all.

Our vision is to be the patient voice for heart failure in Canada. We aim to empower patient voices to stimulate dialogue, advance understanding, improve access to treatments and research, raise heart failure awareness, and improve patient care in Canada.

Founded in June 2016 by Dr. Jillianne Code, a heart transplant recipient, and Mr. Marc Bains, a heart failure survivor, we aim to drive healthcare innovation and transformation by adding patient voices to the heart failure conversation. In collaboration with Dr. Sean Virani, one of Canada’s leading heart failure specialists and promoter of patient and family centred care, we endeavor to ensure that there is an open dialogue including patients as partners with healthcare providers, government, and industry across Canada.

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