Irish Heart Foundation (IHF)


Organisation’s goal
The threat of heart disease and stroke has never been more urgent and it’s amplified by our aging population, sedentary lifestyles, poor diets and more.
The target we have set ourselves: a nation living better in order to reduce premature deaths from heart disease and stroke by 25% by 2025. Our mission is to affect positive change in the lifestyles of Irish people, to achieve better outcomes for those affected by heart disease and stroke and to challenge when the health of our nation is put at risk.

Primary Contact Chris Macey
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The Heartbeat Trust


The Heartbeat Trust is a charity established in 2004 by Prof Ken McDonald and Dr. Mark Ledwidge to support specialist clinical and research services in heart failure and heart failure prevention in Ireland. The Heartbeat Trust’s services are based in St. Vincent’s Hospital, St Michael’s Hospital, and The Conway Institute, University College Dublin.

Our Mission is to improve Heart Failure care for all through advocacy and the provision of internationally leading research and services.

What we do
Increase public awareness of heart failure. Support an early warning and prevention programme for people diagnosed with heart failure and those at risk of developing heart failure.

Help severe Heart Failure patients live longer and better with fewer visits to hospital

Help vulnerable Heart Failure patients manage their condition in the community and in their homes by providing specialist services to these patients in the community thereby reducing A&E visits and unnecessary hospital stays by 40%

Build unique collaborations between hospitals, community care, healthcare professionals and patients for the benefit and ease of patients and their careers

Our scientists carry out translational research into heart failure prevention, causes and care in the Conway Institute, University College Dublin

Develop infrastructure for patients, care providers, researchers, healthcare funders and healthcare technology companies to collaborate and personalize cardiovascular care maximizing benefits, reducing risks and prioritizing cardiovascular disease prevention

Primary Contact Dr. Ciara Keane
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Croí Heart and Stroke Foundation


Croí is an Irish Heart and Stroke not-for-profit Foundation based in Galway Ireland. Established in 1985 Croí is committed to the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease with the aim of saving lives; promoting recovery & wellbeing; leading innovative research and education initiatives; testing & developing new models of service delivery and supporting patients and their families.
In 2014 Croí established the Irish National Institute for Preventive Cardiology ( with the aim of providing training and education opportunities for healthcare professionals working in the area of cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation. The institute is affiliated to the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at National University of Ireland, Galway. The mission of NIPC is to ‘Provide leadership through discovery, training and applied programmes to prevent and control cardiovascular disease for all, promote healthier living, raise the standards of preventive cardiology practice and prepare leaders to advance preventive healthcare in Ireland.

Primary Contact Neil Johnson Executive Director
Phone 00353 91 544310