Portuguese Heart Foundation (PHF), in partnership with AADIC

Published on June 1, 2018 at 20:29


On the 30th of May the Portuguese Heart Foundation (PHF), in partnership with AADIC – Association of Support for Patients with Heart Failure, and under the auspices of the City Council (the Mayor), the Town Councils and other relevant Institutions of the community, held the first Meeting on Heart Failure with the network of Senior Universities of Lisbon. Speakers at the meeting included the Presidents of the PHF and AADIC, a cardiologist who runs a clinic of cardiac failure, the representative of the Regional Health Administration and the Deputy Director General of Health. Similar meetings will continue throughout the year in various Senior Universities throughout Portugal. The aim of this multi-sectoral effort is to inform the public and raise awareness about Heart Failure.

Great job to our partners in Portugal for their coordination of these efforts. To read more about this and the other events taking part throughout Europe, please visit the PHF website and Facebook page and the iHHub Facebook page.