LITHUANIA Heart failure week

Published on May 11, 2018 at 21:14


European Heart Failure Awareness month continues with important events held throughout Europe by our alliance of heart patient organisations.  On May 4th in Lithuania, a conference and mobile cardiology clinic was held for Heart Failure patients and their families in Kudirka square, in front of the main Republic of Lithuania government building.  Informational material was presented along with cardiac screening services including Blood Pressure tests, EKG exams and BMI analyses.  Participants were able to talk with cardiologists who answered any health related questions.  The municipality of Vilnius showed their support and illuminated one of the most beautiful bridges in the city, the Mindaugas’ bridge, in the color red. 


A huge congratulations to our partners at Širdies Nepakankamu Sergančiųjų Asociacija (ŠNSA) for coordinating these impactful activities and for their dedication in coordinating additional community communications including articles in the national newspapers, and radio and news programme promotion including patient and expert interviews.  Show your support for the hard work of our European Hub alliance members by following their progress on this website and on the links provided.