European Heart Failure Awareness Day

Published on May 18, 2018 at 16:41


Today’s lunchtime awareness action at Poitiers Polyclinique. Low salt diet. Today the staff had a choice of low salt alternatives for the dishes on offer. The idea was to draw their attention to their salt intake, not to force them to eat a low salt meal. All the dishes had a label indicating the salt content.

At the checkout, they were asked a few simple questions:

Do you think that you consume five grams of salt, WHO recommendations, or do you think that you consume more?

Are you going to pay more attention to your salt consumption in the future?

Do you think that you will transmit the prevention messages concerning excessive salt consumption to those around you?

Information on the WHO recommendations for salt consumption and posters detailing foods that have a low salt content and those, which have a high salt content, were also on display.

The general reaction was very positive.