AISC May 12nd Conference at Catania (Sicily)

Published on May 21, 2018 at 18:49


Italy recognises “The Patient’s Voice”

Italy has launched their participation in European Heart Failure Awareness Month in Sicily.  On 12th May an event to celebrate “The Patient’s Voice” was held, where cardiac experts met with iHHub members, Associazione Italiana Scompensati Cardiaci (AISC) to discuss communication about Heart Failure from the perspectives of patients, their carers and families, and their doctors.  Furthermore, detailed discussions between stakeholders about the unique and inter-supportive roles of general practitioners, support organisations and community assistance services, caregivers, and rehabilitation efforts.  This type of collaboration is vital in the endeavour to provide optimal patient support to those living with Heart Failure.  Well done to our alliance members in Italy for facilitating this multi-sectoral collaboration.  Please visit AISC’s website and Facebook page to support their efforts and keep a lookout on iHHub’s website and Facebook for updates on all our European alliance members in the Acting on Heart Failure campaign.