About This Campaign

The objectives of this campaign are:

  1. Explain what Heart Failure is and highlight it’s burden of disease
  2. Differentiate Heart Failure from other heart conditions, such as heart attack and cardiac arrest
  3. Highlight that Heart Failure doesn’t only affect the elderly

The key messages from this campaign are:

  • Heart failure is a condition impacting more than 60 million people worldwide. Heart failure can have devastating symptoms that can severely impact patients quality of life.
  • Heart failure doesn’t mean the heart has stopped working.
  • Heart failure occurs when the heart is unable to pump enough blood around the body. It is different from a heart attack or cardiac arrest:
  • Heart failure is when the heart is not squeezing properly, so can be seen as a ‘pumping problem’
  • Cardiac arrest is when there is a signalling error which disrupts the heartbeat, so can be seen as an ‘electrical problem’
  • Heart attack is when there is a blockage in the artery, so can be seen as a ‘plumbing problem’
  • Heart failure most often affects those aged over 65, however it can also affect young people.

The key elements of this campaign are:

  • This is a Patient Group led initiative dedicated to increasing awareness of Heart Failure across Europe and the campaign is supported by Novartis.
  • Throughout the month of May the Mayors of over 40 European Cities will add their voice and endorsement to this important awareness initiative.
  • Starting in Galway, Ireland on Friday May 4th the Mayor of the City will be the first to join with the Mayors of over 40 other cities across Europe who on various dates throughout the month of May will unite in supporting this important campaign by highlighting what is something of a forgotten condition affecting the lives of millions of people. The EU countries already committed to participating in this initiative are: Ireland; France; Spain; Italy; Portugal; Austria; Latvia; Slovenia; Hungary; Germany; Romania; Belgium and the Netherlands.