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Heart Life Foundation

The HeartLife Foundation Canada on iHHub


Canada’s first and ONLY national patient-led heart failure organization   The HeartLife Foundation is Canada’s first – and only – national patient-led heart failure organization. We are a …

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The Birth of iHHub - How and Why iHHub?

The Birth of iHHub


How and Why iHHub? So this is where it all started. Dublin and then Rome were the starting points for iHHub the Global heart failure patient hub. The …

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Patricia Vlasman, Netherlands


I started my patient group ‘Let the beat go on’ two years ago. In my group there are a lot of young people with heart diseases and heart …

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Natural Remedies to Lower Your Cholesterol


Heart disease manifests in many forms, but one element that many people suffering from cardiovascular issues usually have in common is abnormal cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a fatty …

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