About Us

About Us

The International Heart Hub (iHHub) is the first global non-profit organisation that brings together and supports the creation of patient groups from every country in the world to raise awareness of heart disease and improve lives. iHHub was founded as an alliance of patient organisations from North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and works from the centre of the global heart disease conversation to amplify the patient voice.


Our Goals

One of the fundamental aims of iHHub is to strengthen its membership across the globe to:

  • Patient groups focused on heart diseases
  • Patient groups and non-profits wanting to focus on heart diseases
  • The patient movement
  • Industry, political, academic and economic institutions

We will raise awareness and understanding of heart diseases and provide access to up to date information, treatment guidelines, best practices and patient support across the world. We believe global action is necessary to improve outcomes for all patients with heart diseases.


Our Partnership Promise

As the first global hub that supports heart diseases patients, if you partner with us we promise to:

  1. Ensure you have visibility, viability, credibility and a community
  2. Provide you with the tools you need to be successful
  3. Be the central patient voice for all global heart diseases conversations
  4. Create meaningful connections between organisations that serve heart diseases patients

We will support you to amplify your voice, make you part of the global community and use local insights to drive global change.


Board of Trustees

The board is composed of five members:

  • Carlos Castro, President, Mexico
  • Neil Johnson,  Ireland
  • Michele Packard-Milam, CAE,  IUnited States
  • Susan Campbell, United States
  • Ellen Ross,  Canada

Our Vision

Our vision is to support and educate patients across the world to enable them to seek and demand better outcomes. Our mission is to create a global heart diseases community that individually serves, supports, educates patients, caregivers and healthcare providers to enable better outcomes for patients with heart diseases.

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